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Load shedding still with us, says Zesa

Load shedding still with us, says Zesa

Sunday, 18 September 2011 09:51

ZIMBABWE will only have surplus electricity supply in three years’ time 
after the construction of four more units at the country’s two major power 
stations, a senior official with the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority 
(Zesa) said last week.

Zesa corporate relations manager Fullard Gwasira (pictured) said load 
shedding will end in 2014 after the construction of the four units at Kariba 
and Hwange Power Stations. Two units will be constructed at each power 

“The current deficit will be overcome after the completion of Hwange 7 and 8 
and Kariba 7 and 8 (units),” said Gwasira. “The four units will produce 900 
megawatts against our currently deficit of 700 megawatts.”

He said the two units at Hwange Power station will produce 600 megawatts 
while the other in Kariba will have a capacity of 150 megawatts each. The 
actual construction of the units begins next year.

The parastatal’s daily load shedding exercise has crippled industrial 
operations and routine business which cannot do without electricity.

At a meeting with Elected Councillors Association of Zimbabwe (Ecaz) last 
week, Zesa made assurances that there will be uninterrupted power supply 
once the construction of the new units was complete.

The meeting between Zesa and the councillors also deliberated on estimated 
bills which are haunting most people, power cuts and disconnection of power 
to customers.

“High-density customers were found to be consuming more electricity than 
low -ensity areas due to overcrowding and home industries,” says a statement 
released by the councillors after the meeting.

The meeting urged customers to make use of energy saver lights which reduces 
by 80% energy used on lighting.


Zesa has contracted an international technical advisor to design and monitor 
its projects while global financial advisory services firm, KPMG, has been 
engaged to offer financial advice.

For the past years, the national power utility has been accused of charging 
exorbitant rates while providing a shoddy service.
At least 500 000 households will be on pre-paid meters to avoid its 
customers paying what they would not have used.


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