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New Zanu PF land-grab exposed

New Zanu PF land-grab exposed

Sunday, 18 September 2011 10:04

A host of Zanu PF officials have been named as having positioned themselves 
to grab land under the Save Valley Conservancy in Masvingo, contrary to the 
provisions of the land reform and the Indigenisation Act.

The officials were reportedly led by Masvingo governor, Titus Maluleke and 
included Higher and Tertiary Education minister, Stan Mudenge, former 
governor, Josiah Hungwe, Chiredzi South legislator, Aaron Baloyi and former 
Member of Parliament, Enock Porusingazi.

Army boss, Engelbert Rugeje, a Parks and Wildlife Management Authority 
official, Vitalis Chadenga and former legislator Shuvai Mahofa were fingered 
by whistleblower website, WikiLeaks, as being part of the land grab.

The Zanu PF officials are reported to have imposed themselves as indigenous 
partners of land owners in the Save Valley Conservancy (SVC).

Maluleke is reported to have told people owning land in the conservancy that 
they should hand in their title deeds and instead, be issued with 25-year 
leases, while at the same time ceding part of their land holdings to the new 

The SVC raised concern that despite claiming that they wanted to be 
indigenous partners, the Zanu PF officials would not be buying any 
shareholding, but rather would be grabbing the land for free.

In one instance, George Hulme, a manager on one of the farms, was reportedly 
summoned to a meeting and told that Maluleke and Lieutenant Colonel David 
Moyo were the new partners and this was irreversible.

“In the meeting, the governor explained to Hulme that the inclusive 
government had agreed that the land reform process would not be reversed and 
said he was carrying out a policy that could not be reversed,” reads the 
leaked cable.

“In all, 10 of the 22 properties have been allocated new partners through 
this programme.” The property holders were reportedly looking for their own 
partners, either with the community or the Parks and Wildlife Authority, but 
in contravention of environmental and tourism laws, the politicians imposed 

This is not the first time the issue of the SVC invasion has been mentioned, 
with the German embassy earlier this year raising concern that the area had 
been invaded in violation of bilateral agreements between Zimbabwe and the 
European nation.

The Zanu PF officials are reported to have come up with the “Masvingo 
Initiative” which was spearheaded by Maluleke, with the intention of 
grabbing land.

Youth Development, Empowerment and Indigenisation minister, Saviour 
Kasukuwure is reported to have held a meeting in Masvingo, where he 
threatened to drive all the animals on the conservancies into Gonarezhou 
National Park and threatened to braai whatever remained behind, if the SVC 
did not adhere to indigenisation laws.

“It should be noted that the concept of partnership as advocated by the 
Masvingo Initiative does not seem to be based on normal business 
considerations,” the German embassy said.

“The members of the initiative have made it quite clear that they want 
partnership without paying for it.”
The named Zanu PF officials could not be reached for comment.


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