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Meat shortage looms in Zim aheqad of SA import ban

Meat shortages in Zim loom ahead of SA import ban

Eyewitness News | 3 Hours Ago

Zimbabweans are bracing themselves for chronic shortages of beef and pork following a ban on imported animal products from South Africa.

The three-month ban has been imposed to prevent the spread of Rift Valley Fever.

Zimbabwe’s poultry producers are rubbing their hands in glee. They said they can now offload 3000 tonnes of poultry meat onto the market. But local beef processors and retailers are not smiling. They have predicted a massive shortage of beef products on the market and a consequent hike in prices.

Until now it was not clear just how dependent the country was on beef imports from South Africa. But local beef production has plummeted following 10 years of de-stocking by white farmers.

The country’s main meat processor, the Cold Storage Company, has only 1 500 cattle for slaughter at its countrywide ranches. This is down from 30 000.


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