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Minister in trouble over missing Mugabe birthday gifts

Minister in trouble over missing Mugabe birthday gifts

12 April, 2010 02:35:00

Masvingo, – Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Walter Mzembi and Masvingo governor Titus Maluleke have been implicated in the disappearance of Mugabe’s birthday gifts which were donated by Triangle Limited, individuals and other companies.

The gifts which include 30 tonnes of sugar, unknown amount of cash and various other presents were supposed to be handed over to the ageing leader of Zanu (PF) party at his birthday bash in Bulawayo in February but two
months down the line, the gifts are still missing.

Mzembi could not be reached for a comment but Maluleke remained silent for a while before blaming poor network connection and switched off his mobile.

“Are you an auditor? I can’t hear you. Phone later I can hardly hear you,” said Maluleke.

A Zanu (PF) party source said party politburo member, Dzikamai Mavhaire, could also be involved.

The source said the disappearance of the gifts was not the work of one man.”A lot of people managed to steal one or two things from the donations. We suspect that less than half of the resources donated found their way to the intended destination,” said the source.

Masvingo provincial chairman Lovemore Matuke confirmed the gifts had gone missing and said a serious investigation was underway.

Matuke also confirmed some “big fish” in the party could have been involved and said they would soon be asked to attend a disciplinary hearing.

“There was a lot of confusion when people went out to source donations for the 21st February movement. Some took everything they sourced. We are aware Triangle donated sugar but no one in the provincial executive know what happened to the sugar.

“Yes there are some big names that might include ministers but it would be premature for us to name them now. We want the investigation to be over first,” said Matuke.

A private radio reporter of RadioVOP was informed that Mzembi and Maluleke received the sugar and diverted it for their personal use.

“Mzembi and Maluleke collected the sugar but they kept it as a secret and used it. The two were once called by national fund raising chief executive officer Jaya to explain what happened to that sugar.

“More big names are likely to emerge if the investigation continues,” said the source.

A Mr Jaya refused to give any details claiming the issue was “too hot to handle. Instead Jaya said he would want to know people who rushed to the press with the issue.

“This issue is very sensitive; give me the names of people who rushed to the press with the issue. Those people are more dangerous than those who are said to have stolen the gifts,” said Jaya.

Masvingo District Coordinating Committee (DCC) chairman Xavier Magweva has since been dragged to a provincial disciplinary hearing twice for allegedly looting 200 litres donated by Bikita Minerals.

“Magweva went away with 200 litres of diesel which was also donated by Bikita Minerals. It is really embarrassing,” said another source.

However, Magweva said it was Mavhaire who abused the fuel.

“Aah those individuals should be after killing my political career, it’s not me maybe Mavhaire would tell you the person not me,” said Magweva.


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