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Mugabe bans milk imports?

Mugabe bans milk imports?

South Africa’s imported milk products to Zimbabwe have disappeared from the 
country’s supermarket stores, amid reports that the First Family ordered a 
ban on the imports with the aim to dominate the market through its Mazowe 
dairy farm.

by Jeffrey Moyo

A survey conducted by The Zimbabwean this week across supermarkets in the 
capital showed that a number of supermarkets were stocking dairy products 
from Grace Mugabe’s farm in Mazowe – a brazen challenge to Swiss food 
conglomerate, Nestle, which bowed to political pressure to stop buying milk 
from Gushungo Dairy Estate.

The country’s biggest supermarket chain, OK, was this week selling pints of 
fresh milk and sour milk under Mugabe’s Alpha Omega brand.

Also being processed at the First Family’s farm is powdered milk, ice cream 
and various other products, which impeccable sources said will soon enter a 
market dominated by Nestle.

Zimbabwean blogger, Cynic Harare, observed that the packaging was “pretty 
dull”, but added: “It tastes like milk, which means it’s better than some 
stuff around. It’s a bit cheaper too.”

In a recent interview with the public media, President Robert Mugabe’s wife 
boasted that her dairy farm had 2,000 cows and was the second biggest in 
Southern Africa.

In 2009, after coming under pressure from rights activists who threatened to 
campaign for a boycott of Nestle products, Nestle announced it would stop 
buying milk from Gushungo Dairy Estate – built on a farm which was seized 
from a former commercial farmer. 


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