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Mugabe family owns 39 farms, says report

Mugabe family owns 39 farms, says report

Sunday Times Correspondent | 31 July, 2011 02:11

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe and his family own 39 farms, according to 
a report by the outgoing president of the country’ s Commercial Farmers 
Union .

In his address to the CFU congress in Harare this week, Deon Theron said 
Mugabe’s claimthat blackZimbabweans had been empowered under the land reform 
rules wasa lie.

He said that less than 1% of the country’s 1.8 million commercial 
farmworkers and their families had received land, and even then the land was 
often merely loaned to them under a system of political patronage.

“The continued use and occupation of the land is dependent on their 
political affiliation and loyalty. There is no genuine empowerment or farmer 
autonomy, there is no security of tenure and there is no collateral value to 
the land. It is a dead asset, which cannot drive its own development,” he 

Theron said Mugabe and members of his inner circle owned multiple farms – 
despite the government’s policy of allowing no more than one farm per 

“If the aim of the land reform was to evict whites and replace them with 
blacks then it can be deemed a success. However, if the aim was that it 
should benefit the majority and not only a chosen few, then it has been a 


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