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Mugabe warns ‘dubious’ farmers

Mugabe warns ‘dubious’ farmers

Written by Thelma Chikwanha, Deputy News Editor
Sunday, 17 June 2012 13:40

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has castigated beneficiaries of the land 
reform programme who are not utilising the land allocated to them warning 
they risk having their land re-distributed.

Speaking during the Women’s Assembly meeting held at the Zimbabwe Institute 
of Public Management (Zipam) on Friday, Mugabe said he was disappointed by 
some of the beneficiaries who are now leasing out the land to commercial 
white farmers.

“Land is not being utilised fully, some of the land is being farmed by 
whites. We shall sit down with them and warn them. If you are not interested 
in the land we will take it back,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe’s remarks come at a time when the country once regarded as the 
continents’ bread basket has literally become a basket case as it is failing 
to feed its own people.

After the chaotic land reform programme which started in 2000 more than 4 
000 white commercial farmers lost their land which was redistributed to 
about 160 000 people, the majority who are Zanu PF card-carrying members.

According to the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU), during its peak, 
agriculture employed over 20 000 people, but after the land reform programme 
16 000 jobs were lost.

The manner in which the land reform programme was carried out crippled the 
sector which used to contribute significantly to the country’s economy.

At its pick Zimbabwe was able to export its surplus grain to other countries 
in the region but now the country which consumes 1,8 million tonnes of maize 
is failing to feed its people and has to import from countries that it used 
to supply with grain such as Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

The country needs to import 500 000 tonnes to avert hunger this year.

Mugabe who has been asked to intervene on behalf of farmers whose 
electricity was cut off by Zesa after failing to settle their bills, blamed 
the MDC for the problems bedevilling the agricultural sector.

“Electricity bills are a problem to everyone. These delays are because the 
MDC does not want to promote agriculture. They want it to appear as if 
blacks are not good farmers so that they can bring back the whites. That 
will not happen. We will never again allow our land to be in their hands,” 
Mugabe said.


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