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No let up to vehicle licensing chaos

No let up to vehicle licensing chaos

Saturday, 02 June 2012 19:08


CHAOTIC scenes of motorists jostling to get the new vehicle licence discs at 
the country’s post offices continued last week despite an extension of the 
registration deadline to June 30.

Motorists who spoke to The Standard said they were spending many hours 
queuing to get the new licence discs and criticised the Zimbabwe National 
Road Administration (Zinara) for lack of forward planning.

A Harare motorist, Artwel Sibanda, who was queuing with hundreds of other 
motorists at Borrowdale Post Office, said getting the new licence discs had 
become a daunting task as people were spending up to eight hours without 
being served.

He bemoaned alleged  poor planning by Zinara which had failed to foresee 
problems of phasing out old discs before putting in place proper and 
effective mechanisms to help in the change over to the new system.

Sibanda said he had tried and failed to get the new discs at Causeway and 
Newlands post offices due to long queues and chaotic scenes.
“Considering the number of motorists that want to get the new discs and the 
few designated points available, Zinara is doing a disservice to the 
people,” he said.

Other motorists also complained that there were only two tellers serving 
hundreds of people in a process which was slow and labourious.

The elderly, sick and disabled also complained that they were not being 
given first preference as they queued along with able bodied motorists.

Journalist Ropafadzo Mapimhidze, who is diabetic, said she had to skip meals 
in order to keep her place in a queue.

“Right now, I am still trying to recover from the ordeal,” she said. “I 
suffered a great deal just to register my vehicle and no special care was 
given to me as I suffer from a chronic condition.”

Mapimhidze said she was only served after six hours when a “kind gentleman” 
sacrificed his spot in the queue.

Post offices such as the one in Borrowdale last week had only two tellers 
serving over 300 people at a “snail’s pace”.

Zinara corporate communications executive, Augustine Moyo, attributed the 
chaotic scenes to Zimpost, which he said should have been prepared for the 
new system.

“I won’t speak for Zimpost, but I think they should have been ready enough 
for the computerisation process,” he said. “Another challenge is that the 
selected points are located in residential areas and as a result rampant 
power cuts have stalled the exercise in areas such as Waterfalls and 

Zinara has since bought generators to speed up the exercise. The 
administration phased out the old vehicle registration disc that has now 
been replaced by an improved licence disc with enhanced security features.

Zinara claims it was losing millions of dollars in potential revenue 
annually  to a well-connected syndicate of people who were producing fake 
The body has so far  registered 350 000 out of an estimated 800 000 vehicles 
in the country.


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