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Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

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Press Statement 16 April 2010


16 April 2010 

Commercial Farmers Union – Zimbabwe  

Julius Malema’s inflammatory statements have fuelled tensions

 ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema’s visit to Zimbabwe and his ill-conceived remarks have fuelled uncertainty and alarm, both within our country and in South Africa, with serious implications for stability, foreign investment and tourism.   

They have also resulted in a new wave of threats directed at the few remaining white commercial farmers attempting to continue farming operations under extremely difficult conditions. Unfortunately the situation on the ground has deteriorated after a relatively calm period, with farmers once again being pressurised to move off their properties. This proves that racist remarks by high profile leaders can very quickly inflame tensions, transforming peaceful situations into volatile confrontations and potential anarchy.   

We are deeply concerned that Mr Malema’s remarks and his unacceptable behaviour have undermined President Zuma’s invaluable interventions in Zimbabwe and have embarrassed the South African government. Our message to Mr Malema is that everyone must accept accountability for the effects of their comments and actions.   As the leader of ANC Youth League he has a duty to operate responsibly and should refrain from involving himself in Zimbabwe’s affairs when he neither has a mandate nor the experience to do so.   

To make damaging and divisive comments in a country that has suffered a history of violence and human rights abuses – and continues to do so – is totally unacceptable and President Zuma is to be commended his immediate and unequivocal response.  

Zimbabweans are committed to moving forward and to a creating safe and secure future for our children.  We need a strong, committed leadership to help us reconcile as a nation and to find a peaceful, democratic way forward for the benefit not only of our own people, but for the entire region.  

The South African government has a clear understanding of our objectives during this transitional phase and is providing us with invaluable support and guidance.

  President Zuma’s interventions at this critical time in our history cannot be undermined. We will be celebrating 30 years of ‘Independence’ in 3 days time, while being largely dependent on aid to feed our population. If we as Zimbabweans unite and stop fighting each other, then hopefully we will be able to celebrate our true independence from aid agencies and all other countries. 


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