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Rains to persist: Met Office

Rains to persist: Met Office

Rejoice Makurira Herald Reporter—

ZIMBABWE is expected to continue receiving rains up to the weekend, albeit in lower volumes compared to last week, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has said.

According to a statement issued by MSD senior forecaster Mr Tich Zinyemba yesterday, several provinces will receive light showers.

“In Mashonaland Central and West provinces, Harare Metropolitan Province, north of Midlands Province as well north of Matabeleland Province; it is forecast that these areas should be cloudy and cold with light rain,” he said.

Mr Zinyemba said the greater part of Zimbabwe should expect warmer conditions.

“The rest of the country is expected to experience cloudy weather with drizzle in the mornings and later in the afternoon, there should be sunny outbreaks resulting in slightly warmer conditions,” he said.

Meanwhile, the condition of crops in many areas has begun to deteriorate due to excessive rainfall.

Tobacco farmers are having challenges with false ripening due to the heavy rains. The farmers are forced to reap the crop and this is putting pressure on curing facilities, especially for farmers with few barns.

In most areas, the maize crop is beginning to show signs of leaching.

According to the Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union director, Mr Jeremiah Tevera, in areas with sandy soils, the maize crop is leaching.

He said this could be because of leaching or lack of top dressing fertilisers.

“The heavy rains have resulted in leaching especially in sandy soils. Tobacco farmers are also affected.

“Farmers should be careful when applying fertiliser to avoid the nutrients from being washed away by the rains,” he said.

He said the livestock condition had improved in all areas but advised farmers to increase dipping and protect cattle from tick borne diseases.

The Civil Protection Unit continues to warn the public against seeking shelter under trees when it is raining, because the death toll of people struck by lightning continue to rise.

MSD has urged the public to regularly follow weather forecasts on television and radio.


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