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Seed Co launches rebranded packaging

Seed Co launches rebranded packaging

August 21, 2014 

ONE of the country’s leading grain seed suppliers, Seed Co Zimbabwe, yesterday launched its rebranded maize seed packages which were designed to counter the proliferation of fake grain seed suppliers and give new impetus to the company’s products.


Speaking at the launch in Harare, Seed Co Zimbabwe managing director Denias Zaranyika said the improved seed packaging was also meant to preserve the quality of the seeds.

“The makeover of our packaging has been necessitated by a number of factors which include the fact that although the old design had served us well, and made our products distinctive in the market, it was beginning to get a little tired and was now due for a major overhaul through continuous and well-informed improvement,” Zaranyika said.

“We had also noticed an increase in the supply of illicit grain presented as seed to unsuspecting members of the farming community. This in part influenced our desire to refashion our product packaging, design and aesthetics.”

“The fresh packaging is part of an elaborate programme that has also seen us improving our seed care processes, resulting in enhanced seed viability,
germination and vigour. The total sum of this is improved seed health which ultimately translates to high yields and productivity.”

Zaranyika said the new products would be unveiled to the farming community during district and provincial shows and the Harare Agricultural Show which starts this week.




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