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Senior policeman up for stock theft

Senior policeman up for stock theft

November 25, 2012 in Local

A senior police officer based in Kwekwe is expected to appear in court soon 
in connection with a stock theft case in which a Midlands farmer lost 17 
head of cattle.


The police officer, a senior assistant inspector, is being jointly charged 
with a Kwekwe-based farmer and his nephew.

The case was supposed to have been heard at the Kwekwe Magistrates Courts on 
Thursday but was “suspended until further notice”.

Allegations are that sometime in 2011, the farmer teamed up with his nephew 
and workers at his farm in Kwekwe rural and stole cattle from the 
neighbouring Doon Farm owned by 49-year-old James Matemayi.

It is alleged the workers would feed the cattle on molasses and stock feed, 
strategically throwing the cattle food around in such a way that the beasts 
ended up in a kraal in the accused’s farm.

The workers would then secure the entrance to the kraal once they felt they 
had enticed an adequate number of beasts.

Allegations are that the police officer would then go to inspect the animals 
and provide the farmer with livestock clearance certificates.
The certificates are normally issued by the police after thorough 
investigations to authenticate the ownership of the cattle before any 
transactions and movement of livestock.

It is alleged the accused farmer would then transport the beasts to an 
abattoir in Kwekwe town.

Matemayi claims he lost five bulls, five cows and seven calves in the 

He reported the trio to Kwekwe and Gweru police after receiving a tip off 
from some of the accused farmer’s employees who also wrote witness’s 
statements detailing how they carried out the operation.

A senior officer in police’s anti-stock theft unit confirmed the case was 
reported under docket number 72/09/11, which was forwarded to Kwekwe 
Magistrates’ Courts.

However, there are fears that the case could be swept under the carpet as 
other police officers are said to be working flat out to block the accused 
officer’s prosecution.

Efforts to get a comment from the accused police officer were fruitless last 

Acting officer commanding police in the Midlands Province, Assistant 
Commissioner Learn Ncube, said he would contact police in Kwekwe for details 
regarding the case.

Earlier in the year, police national coordinator for anti-stock theft, 
Bernard Dumbura said incidents of stock theft and illegal movement of cattle 
were rampant.

Dumbura told the media that some people who bought cattle bribed police 
officers so that they could have the cattle cleared.

Police arrested 1 070 people over stock theft- related cases while 148 
butcheries were closed for selling uninspected meat products in a 
countrywide operation c


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