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Standard Comment: Zesa denials shield electricity looters

Standard Comment: Zesa denials shield electricity looters

Zesa Holdings has always maintained a veil of secrecy around the accounts of 
politicians who are not paying their astronomical bills.
Hiding behind client confidentiality, Zesa is trying to sweep under the 
carpet a brewing scandal involving the politicians.

But it’s now a matter of public record that ministers, permanent 
secretaries, MPs and military strongmen who have vast properties and 
multiple farms have not been paying their power bills which amount to 
millions of dollars. This is a scandal of the same magnitude as the War 
Victim’s Compensation Fund which the same Zanu PF clique looted.

In a cynical move, Zesa has descended heavily on poor people groaning under 
the weight of prolonged periods of power rationing; their bills hardly ever 
exceed US$200 per month but have had their homes disconnected. The same 
vigilance apparently doesn’t apply to the ruling elite, who have accrued 
bills of up to US$400 000 for a single household.

These unscrupulous politicians should be ashamed of themselves for 
plundering the power utility that is saddled with a huge power import debt.
The scandal at Zesa is only a tip of the iceberg. Other parastatals like the 
Zimbabwe National Water Authority are also owed millions of dollars by the 
same politicians and their cronies.

Recently it was reported that the GMB had been looted by the selfsame 
coterie of maniacs who see themselves as divinely ordained to rule this 
country, and therefore have the right to do as they please.

This systematic looting of parastatals is so deep-rooted in Zimbabwe that it 
is bleeding the economy.  It is in this light that denials by Zesa that no 
big people owe the struggling parastatals anything becomes untrue and 
therefore unhelpful.

The denials only show that the organisation is led by a management that is 
keen to ingratiate itself with the political leadership while not concerned 
about the wellbeing of the power utility itself and the common people who 
pay their bills under very difficult conditions.

Politicians are people’s servants and therefore must be held accountable to 
them. The press has done the right thing by bringing them to public 


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