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Tobacco sales to surpass target, TIMB

Tobacco sales to surpass target, TIMB

17/07/2012 00:00:00
by Roman Moyo

THE Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) has said tobacco deliveries 
for the 2012 surpassed the revised target of 133 million kgs two weeks 
before the close of the marketing season.

The initial output target of 180 million kgs was revised downwards early 
this year following a decline in the planted hectarage caused by lack of 

But TIMB chief executive officer Andrew Matibiri said the board was set to 
revise next year’s target upwards ahead of the close of the marketing 

“This shows that tobacco is still coming through. We have an idea on how 
much we are to revise upwards as the tobacco season ends on July 27 2012,” 
Matibiri said.

Latest figures from TIMB show that 134 million kg of tobacco valued at 
US$496,3 million was delivered to the country’s auction floors as of Friday, 
a 45 per cent increase on the US$343 million recorded during the same period 
last year.

Meanwhile, in a circular to farmers, the TIMB said the flue-cured auction 
tobacco clean-up sales would be held on Wednesday July 22.

“Depending on the volume of deliveries, the clean-up sale may be continued 
for more than one day until all delivered tobacco has been sold,” the Board 

“Because of the volumes that are still being received, contract sales will 
continue until further notice. Nonetheless, contracted growers are advised 
to finalise the grading and marketing of their tobacco.”
Tobacco production has been recovering over the last few years after 
collapsing at the start of the last decade as the sector adjusted to changes 
following the country’s land reform programme.


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