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Two SADC Officials Join Jomic

Two SADC Officials Join Jomic

Harare, June 12, 2012 – The Southern African Development Community (SADC) 
has seconded its two representatives to Zimbabwe’s Joint Monitoring and 
Implementation Committee (Jomic), putting paid to months of Zanu (PF)’s 
resistance to have foreigners drafted into the multi-party group.

The two are Ambassador David Katye from Tanzania and Colly Muunyu, a Zambian 

Political counsellor at the South African embassy in Zimbabwe, Andy Makwabe, 
said: “The two ambassadors are in the country and are ready to be deployed 
in Jomic.  They arrived separately in Harare with President Jacob Zuma’s 
facilitation team.”

The secondment of the two officials to Jomic was a decision arrived at 
during last year’s SADC Troika summit in Livingstone, Zambia where regional 
leaders demanded an end to recurrent political violence in Zimbabwe.

The two foreign nationals shall also work with President Zuma’s facilitation 

President Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) has been resisting their deployment to 
Zimbabwe, insisting the secondment of foreigners into Jomic would infringe 
on the country’s sovereignty.

Jomic, the offspring of the country’s inclusive process, is tasked with 
monitoring and documenting violations of the Global Political Agreement 
(GPA), which gave birth to the current inclusive government.

But the group, which comprises politicians from the three political parties 
in Zimbabwe’s coalition government, has been dismissed as ineffective since 
it does not have any legal instrument that gives it teeth.


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