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Veld fires destroy timber

Veld fires destroyed timber

Written by Zwanai Sithole
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:37

HARARE – Veld Fires emanating from newly resettled farmers last year 
destroyed a total of 1 694.3 hectares of timber in Manicaland province, it 
has been revealed.

The statistics released by the Timber Producers Federation (TPF) cited 
Chimanimani and Nyanga districts as the most affected areas. The TPF 
statistics show that between July and November last year , 257 forest fires 
were reported and destroyed 9 586 hectares of timber which constitutes 12 
per cent of Zimbabwe’s pine population.

Pine is grown on a 25-year rotation and the area affected by the fires was 
equivalent to what would normally be harvested in a three year period. Fires 
emanating from neighbouring newly resettled areas destroyed a total of 1 
694.3 hectares, with honey hunters and human negligence also contributing to 
the veld fires.

TPF described last year as one of the most affected in the history of timber 
plantations in Manicaland which is also the hub of the timber industry in 
the country. Illegal settlers have set up pole and dagger huts in most 
timber plantations in Chimanimani and Nyanga.


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