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Vet Dept bans livestock movement in Masvingo

Vet Dept bans livestock movement in Masvingo

September 18, 2014 Local News

From George Maponga in Masvingo

The Department of Veterinary Services has banned livestock for this year’s Masvingo Agricultural Show following an outbreak of foot-and-mouth that has affected hundreds of cattle across the province.

Livestock movement has been stopped in districts such as Mwenezi, Masvingo, Chivi and Zaka which are reportedly the hardest hit.

It has emerged that cattle sales have also been temporarily suspended in most of the districts in Masvingo as a result of foot-and-mouth.

Masvingo provincial veterinary officer Mr Enerst Dzimwasha on Monday refused to comment.

However, Masvingo Agricultural Show Society executive secretary Mr Jefta Mathose yesterday confirmed that livestock would not be exhibited at this year’s show over foot and mouth.

Mr Mathose said the veterinary department had quarantined livestock in most of the districts in Masvingo.

“It is very unfortunate that we will not have all animals with hooves at this year’s show because of foot and mouth. The Department of Veterinary Services banned livestock movement, so there is no way exhibitors will be able to move their livestock especially cattle.

“We have closed all the gates to livestock section at the show grounds because we do not want any livestock this time around because of foot and mouth,’’ he said.

Mr Mathose said the absence of livestock would be a blemish on this year’s show.

“The outbreak of foot and mouth is a major setback for us (show society) because the livestock section is usually popular with many show goers. Many will be disappointed that there will be no livestock, but we have no option because of foot and mouth,’’ added Mr Mathose. The Masvingo Show Society was exploring the possibility of judges in the livestock section doing their adjudication in the districts because of the ban on livestock movement.

Foot-and-mouth has been spreading across Masvingo Province after initially starting in southern districts of Mwenezi and Chiredzi where livestock is in constant contact with infected wild animals.


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