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We’ve paid all farmers — GMB

We’ve paid all farmers — GMB


The Herald 27/9/2018

Wimbainshe Zhakata Mutare Correspondent

THE Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has confirmed that all farmers who delivered grain have been paid except for the few who are receiving payments through mobile platforms such as EcoCash and Textacash.

This follows complaints by farmers in Manicaland who had been protesting that GMB owed them money for grain they delivered last year.

In an interview with The Herald recently, GMB corporate communications manager, Mr Joseph Katete said all farmers who delivered their grain to GMB had been paid adding that the parastatal did not owe anyone except those who used mobile platforms.

“According to our books all the farmers were paid, except for a few who are using mobile platforms that in some instances take time to get the money to the farmers,” said Mr Katete.

He also advised all farmers who had concerns over non-payment for their grain to approach the GMB regional managers so that their problems can be solved.

In efforts to hasten the payment of farmers, Mr Katete said GMB had been engaging the mobile service providers for ways of expediting the process.

“We have been engaging the mobile service providers with the necessary reconciliations and our regional office has been consolidating such queries for onward transmission to the service providers,” he said.

Mr Katete also outlined the challenges GMB had been facing while paying farmers as well as assisting those who had problems in receiving their money.

“Those who came forward have been assisted unless if it was a situation in which the cell numbers initially provided were wrong and needed us to effect the necessary reversals before they could get their money,” he said.

One such farmer, Mr Zvinowanda Vhimisai from Nyanga said GMB owed him and other farmers in his area thousands of dollars since October last year.


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