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What a shameless lie

What a shameless lie

Written by The Editor
Friday, 06 May 2011 16:46

After a decade in which political violence has become a byword for elections 
in Zimbabwe, Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri  and his officers 
were only last week able to identify the chief culprits behind the mayhem 
that passes for elections in this country.

But what boggles the mind the most is not that it has taken the police 10 
years to identify the enemies of peace who have assaulted, looted, raped, 
tortured and murdered in broad daylight at every election.

According to the latest police records as reported by The Herald last week, 
it is not the Border Gezi youths, partisan army and CIO officers that are 
behind most of the violence and human rights abuses that have come to 
characterise our elections.

It is, in fact, the victims of violence — the MDC-T — that according to 
police statistics top the national violence record. And most of that 
violence was actually committed by one MDC activist against another, the 
police claim.

And what an insult to the victims of violence some who  — like Tonderayi 
Ndira, who was murdered in 2008, or Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika, who 
were petrol-bombed to death in 2000 – paid with their lives for daring to 
oppose President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party.

“The MDC-T is topping the national violence record despite the party’s 
claims that its supporters are on the receiving end of political violence in 
the country…. acrimonious factionalism and skirmishes marred the MDCT 
provincial elections as party members jostled for positions,” the Zanu 
(PF)-controlled newspaper reported last Thursday.

The point of the story was quite clear: cast the MDC as inherently violent, 
while at the same time shifting attention from the real authors of violence 
who even today continue to harass and abuse innocent citizens as punishment 
for not supporting Mugabe.

Of course, the grand objective is to propagate a false narrative to fool 
Africa and the international community at large that those who yesterday 
ordered Gukurahundi and Operation Murambatsvina, and have kept camps full of 
murderers and rapists masquerading as a national youth service brigade are 
in fact the victims. What a shameless lie!

For the record, we oppose violence whether it is politically motivated or 
not. We believe violence whether committed by the MDC or by whoever must be 
prosecuted and punished accordingly. Those that committed violence during 
the run-up to the MDC congress must be brought to book.

But by the same token ‘Comrade’ Chihuri must also target all whose hands are 
dripping with the blood of innocent Zimbabweans including those – you know 
who – that have boasted publicly about holding degrees in political 


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