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White commercial farmer faces eviction

White commercial farmer faces eviction

Written by Pindai Dube
Sunday, 22 July 2012 09:52

BULAWAYO – One of the few remaining white commercial farmers Dudley Rodgers 
of West Nicholson in Matabeleland South faces eviction from his farm after 
allowing an MDC rally to be held adjacent to his Olympus farm.

Speaking to the Daily News on Sunday last week, mainstream MDC Matabeleland 
South provincial chairperson Watchy Sibanda said two former police officers 
wanted to take over Rodgers’ farm.

“We had our provincial rally about a month ago at an open space adjacent to 
Rodgers’ Olympus farm and since then all has not been well there. Two former 
police officers Muhoni and Gono have already visited the farm several times 
claiming they are new owners. They also claim to have offer letters from the 
ministry of Lands but we wonder if those letters are genuine,” said Sibanda.

“We know Zanu PF is behind all this because they have been accusing Rodgers 
of sponsoring our party,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda also said the case has already been reported to coalition government 
watchdog organ, the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (Jomic).

Zanu PF functionaries recently embarked on a series of farm invasions that 
could further decimate the number of white farmers in the country.

This is despite the three-year-old fragile coalition government agreeing to 
stop fresh farm invasions.

There are now less than 300 white farmers out of 4 500 before President 
Robert Mugabe started his often violent land reform programme.

Critics blame Zimbabwe’s recurrent food deficits on the land reforms, which 
began in 2000 when hordes of war veterans, Zanu PF supporters and security 
agents violently grabbed white owned firms.

Mugabe says the invasions were necessary to redress colonial land imbalances 
that saw a few thousands whites owning vast tracts of rich land while 
millions of landless blacks were crammed on unproductive land.

But the few whites remaining on farmers are still exposed to intimidation, 
invasions, violence and at times murder. 


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