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ZANU PF delays deployment of SADC team to join JOMIC

ZANU PF delays deployment of SADC team to join JOMIC

By Tichaona Sibanda
28 September 2011

A senior member of the MDC-T on Wednesday blamed ZANU PF for holding up the 
deployment of a regional team that will bolster the operations of the Joint 
Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC).

The MDC-T deputy spokesperson and MP for Bulawayo East, Tabitha Khumalo, 
told SW Radio Africa’s Hidden Story program that the delay to deploy the 
team has turned out to be their ‘greatest worry and challenge.’

Speaking in the British capital, London, Khumalo accused ZANU PF of delaying 
tactics by refusing to comply with the team’s terms of reference, when no 
objections were raised during an extraordinary summit in South Africa. But 
she said JOMIC will remain a ‘pipe dream’ if it continues to work with no 
legal or statutory powers to implement its resolutions.

Khumalo described the interparty body as a ‘toothless bulldog’ that can only 
listen to complaints but can take no action as it has no powers to do 

A regional SADC summit held in Johannesburg in June recommended that a three 
member team be urgently deployed in Zimbabwe to help JOMIC effectively 
monitor the implementation of the Global Political Agreement (GPA). The SADC 
team will be drawn from Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa.

It followed concerns that JOMIC was failing to deal with violations of the 
GPA, mainly by ZANU PF activists who continue to engage in state sponsored 
political violence.

South African President Jacob Zuma presented the terms of reference to SADC 
leaders and the parties in the GPA, and there were hopes the deployment 
would have followed soon after the summit. However ZANU PF has objected, 
rather late, that they do not agree with some of the wording contained in 
the terms of reference, according to Khumalo.

‘ZANU PF told us they are going over the document again and will need 
permission from their politburo to engage the SADC team. So we are still 
waiting,’ the MP said.

She emphasized that the ‘sooner the SADC team joined JOMIC, the better 
because we are all failing Zimbabweans.’

It is believed their deployment would help to put pressure on Robert Mugabe’s 
party to finally comply with the power sharing agreement.

‘Look, we (JOMIC) are all thinking inside the box, this team is made up of 
people who are neutral, who have nothing to do with Zimbabwe and who have no 
interest in the country. At least they can come in, start thinking outside 
the box, which will enable them to see where things are going wrong, so that 
when they go back to SADC they’re reporting on an informed position with 
facts and figures,’ she said.


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