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ZanuPF tried to bribe me – Mtetwa

Zanu PF tried to bribe me: Mtetwa

Sunday, 10 April 2011 15:32


AWARD-winning human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa says Zanu PF officials 
tried to bribe her so that she would stop representing President Robert 
Mu-gabe’s opponents.
Mtetwa, who was last week announced the winner of the United States’ Case 
Western Reserve University’s 2011 Inamori Ethics Prize said she had resisted 
offers of a farm and appointments to boards of parastatals.

But she refused to name the officials who attempted to bribe her.

“I have also been offered perks if I abandon my human rights work,” Mtetwa 

“In 2001 in particular I was offered various positions, boardships in 
parastatals, even a farm if I abandoned my human rights work.

“I found it very interesting because the people making those offers were 
people I had once represented when their own rights had been violated by the 
very system.”
Mtetwa said she turned down the offers because she was not doing her work 
for financial benefitbut simply because she believed in what does.


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