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ZESA increase blocked by government

ZESA increase blocked by government

By Tererai Karimakwenda
25 February, 2011

Zimbabweans received some welcome news for a change this week when it was 
announced that the 30 percent increase in electricity charges, recently 
announced by the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), had been 
blocked by the government.

ZESA had not made any consultations before announcing the massive increase 
that went into effect beginning in February. Energy Minister Elton Mangoma 
this week explained that it had become clear higher costs would do serious 
damage to the economy. He said consumers must be consulted ahead of any 
further rate increases.

Most households and businesses were already struggling to pay for 
electricity and chronic power cuts continue to frustrate consumers.

Fullard Gwasira, spokesperson for the state-run power utility, said ZESA had 
suspended the increase as ordered by government. But he did not express any 
sympathy for the masses struggling to pay the already exorbitant fees.

Gwasira was simply quoted as saying; “Government is a major stakeholder in 
our day to day operations and if they order us not to increase rates, we 
comply with such directives.”

ZESA is also in hot water with the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ), who 
are reportedly accusing the state run parastatal of misleading consumers. 
CCZ director Rosemary Siyachitema, reportedly said that the ZESA increase 
was actually 50 percent, and not the stated 30 percent.


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