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Zimbabwe, looting big time while attention is on constitution

Zimbabwe, looting big time while attention is on constitution

By Clifford Chitupa Mashiri 14th August 2012

The recent issuing of hunting permits and 25-year land leases to top Zanu-pf 
officials without regard for merit principle is arguably part of the ongoing 
looting and plunder that is taking place in Zimbabwe while attention is on 
the controversial draft constitution.

Zimbabweans are appalled by Zanu-pf’s scorched earth policy of “smash and 
grab” being rolled out under the noses of the coalition government in the 
name of the so-called indigenisation policy.

The hunting permits which have been branded by those in the industry as 
“illegal” have arguably been issued by the regime to reward cronyism ahead 
of elections in which Robert Mugabe risks humiliation if the Diaspora Vote 
is restored.

The fact that even Parliament issued a damming report on some of the 
beneficiaries for inclusion of conservancy land in the land grab campaign 
shows that Zanu-pf has a low opinion of the legislature let alone the rule 
of law.

More disappointing is the fact that the allocation of the hunting permits is 
being done with no commitment to safeguarding wildlife from which the 
country earns vital foreign currency and scarce employment in the tourism 

The anarchy prevailing in the conservancies has shocked even the Zanu-pf 
Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi who reportedly fears it will dent the country’s 
tourism credentials as Zimbabwe lays out ambitious plans to host the UNWTO 
next year.

It is sad that as the country’s attention is focused on the constitution 
crisis, the regime is fomenting a new one in the environmental sector by 
ignoring pleas to save the Save Valley Conservancy.

Endangered animals are facing a major threat to their lives because of out 
of control hunting systems and that should be stopped. The regime is acting 
as if the world is coming to end with Mugabe’s exit.

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri, London, [email protected] 



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