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Zimbabwe non-trophy elephant permits within National Parks – primarily Hwange

Africa Hunting : Zimbabwe: Non-Trophy Elephant Permits Within National Parks – Primarily Hwange,

on 2011/2/23 12:15:45 (321 reads)


Some confusion and concern has been raised about whether the permits issued by National Parks to hunt non-trophy elephant within Hwange and oTher National Parks, are legal. I would like to shed a little light on the matter to help clients understand a little better.


The situation is that the National Parks Act states that there should be no hunting in the National Parks (as opposed to concession areas). The National Parks are used for Photographic safaris.


Because of financial constraints the Parks directorate have decided to issue permits for hunting non-trophy elephant within the National Parks, Hwange being the main one.


The industry and our Association object to this and have put forward proposals to Parks which we hope will be accepted, whereby the number of elephant to be taken off the National Parks is reduced greatly and under the control of Operators in the area, and not all comers from anywhere.


Strictly speaking, if Parks have issued a permit to hunt elephant within the National Parks it may be legal, but we consider it unethical. It will be up to the personal ethics of the individuals involved whether they undertake these or not.


The whole ratiionale behind the land classification originally was that there would be National Parks in which no hunting took place – Hwange, Mana Pools, Chizarira, Matusadona etc. These would be safe havens for animals to breed. As their numbers increased annually , the excess populations would be naturally pushed out in search of territory, into either the surrounding Communal Lands, or Hunting Concession areas. In those areas controlled hunting would take place under licence from National Parks. If you can find a map please do look at it. I think Alec Strauss might have one left over from SCI. His e-mail is [email protected]. He lives in USA. and may be able to send you a copy. It shows how non-hunting areas are situated next to hunting areas and Communal lands.


If we start hunting within a National Park it destroys the entire purpose of having National Parks, quite apart from destroying the business of the Photographic Safari people who have invested money into their camps and lodges there, and removes the areas in which ordinary people can enjoy the wildlife.


This is Conservation, but it is not Bunny Hugging. It has logical, scientific reasoning behind it.

As the hunting industry we do not believe this should be upset for short-term gain. If we start doing that in a very short time we will have destroyed the balance of breeding rates/hunting off-take and have nothing left.


I hope this explains things a little more clearly.


Yours sincerely

Sally Bown

Admin. Officer


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