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Zimbabwe: Stray Lion Wreaks Havoc in Mwenezi

Zimbabwe: Stray Lion Wreaks Havoc in Mwenezi

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Posted on : 2011/6/7 5:10:41

A STRAY lion from Mwenezi Ranch is on the prowl terrorising villagers in Beitbridge’s Ward 13,

where it is reportedly killing livestock.

The worst affected areas are Joko, Lesanth, Bubi and Three Way safaris.

Newly-resettled farmers in the area are now appealing to the department of Parks and Wildlife

Management Authority to intervene.

In separate interviews, the villagers said they were living in fear of the king of the jungle, which has

unleashed a reign of terror in the area for the past three weeks.

“We are living in fear. The lion is a threat to livestock and our lives. We have since notified the

Beitbridge Rural District Council on the issues and are still awaiting their response.

“As you know livestock is our source of livelihood here and if the lion is not tamed most of our cattle

will be liquidated. So far I have lost one beast to the predator,” said a new farmer Mr Tomani Ndou.

He said it was, however, not clear who owned the lion although it was from Mwenezi district of


One of the safari operators in the area, Mr Roy Gama confirmed the development saying they were

hunting for the king of the jungle.

“We are busy hunting the lion and we believe it has escaped to Mwenezi district across the Bubi

River which borders Beitbridge and Masvingo province.

“What is also worrying about this animal is that it just kills the animals and eat half or a quarter and at

times just wound its prey. We are doing the best we can so that we save the community from a great loss.

“Apart from this lion we also have a problem with another pride which occasionally strays from

Kruger National Park (in South Africa) and prey on livestock in Tshikwalakwala area.

“The density of the bush there is making it difficult for us to deal with the lions, but we will remain

vigilant,” said Mr Gama. He, however, said no people have so far been attacked.

“Elephants and lions have perennially been giving us problems in this area, but recently we shot one

bull so as to chase away the jumbos. They had been wreaking havoc at Tshikwalakwala irrigation


“We hope that the installation of an electric fence at the scheme will go a long way in dealing with these animals,” he said.

In a recent interview, Tshikwalakwala councillor Enock Ndou said they had since approached the

local member of the House of Assembly Cde Kembo Mohadi who had promised to assist. 2011/6/7 2:05:53 – 1


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