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ZPF leaders allegedly dishing out land for votes and profit

ZPF leaders allegedly dishing out land for votes and profit

By Tererai Karimakwenda
19 October 2012

Residents of Chinamano Cooperative, whose homes were demolished last weekend 
by a government owned firm, have accused ZANU PF leaders of giving out 
private land under the guise of land reform, in order to get votes and 

The ZANU PF Provincial Chairman, Amos Midzi was implicated in the scam by 
residents, who lost everything during demolitions last week. Residents 
admitted they had been notified to vacate the premises by the development 
company, Sunway City, which is owned by the Industrial Development Company.

But they insist they were told to ignore the warnings by ZANU PF local 
leaders who said the land was publicly owned and they had a right to stay.
Reports quoted one resident Peter Burombo, as saying: “We were ordered long 
back to vacate but some ZANU PF leaders, including Midzi, said all land 
belonged to government and the country was undergoing a land reform process 
and everyone had a right to land. It therefore came as a surprise that we 
were just evicted.”

Police arrived early in the morning and ordered everyone out of their homes, 
leaving bulldozers to destroy some well-built structures. Reports said those 
who tried to resist were threatened with assault or arrests.

Sunway City had acquired a court order allowing the demolition of the 
houses, on the basis that they were illegal. According to Community Radio 
Harare (CORAH), families were thrown out on a cold and rainy morning, while 
some children were getting ready for school.


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